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We believe that anyone with the right idea, ambition and execution can build a category-defining company.

4th & 1 Ventures: Connecting
Entrepreneurs & Investors
for Growth

4th & 1 Ventures specializes in facilitating impactful connections between passionate entrepreneurs and investors, particularly those with a focus on growth-stage privately held companies in the CPG and Sport Technology industries.

Our investors consists of professional athletes, social media personalities, and distinguished business leaders.

Investment Criteria

Truly Strong Team

We invest in companies with talented, experienced teams that can execute.


Compelling Market Opp

We seek out companies that operate in large, growing markets.


Innovative Products

We look for companies with unique products that offer a competitive advantage.


Tested Scalability

We focus on companies with business models that can rapidly scale.


We believe In

A Long-Term View

We take a patient and long-term approach to investing, recognizing that the process
of building a truly exceptional company requires dedicated time and effort

The Importance Of Alignment

Our core philosophy is the belief that fostering
alignment among stakeholders - investors,
founders, employees, and customers - is vital for
constructing thriving, resilient companies

The Value Of Coachability

We firmly believe that coachability is an
essential trait for success, showcasing a valuable openness to learning, adapting, and consistently enhancing performance.
Such attributes are instrumental in empowering early-stage companies to
unlock their full potential.

The Role Of Innovative Consumer Products

By strategically investing in companies that
redefine product possibilities, we generate value for investors and empower product users

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